Tim Clark Driver Training - Courses & Prices

Courses & Prices

Each lesson costs £27 per hour. 

We also offer “Quick Learn” lessons of 1.5 hours duration for £36.

Please enquire for semi-intensive or refresher course price lists.

Pass Plus course available £160.00

How long will my driving test last?

The answer is about 47 minutes using a wide variety of road and traffic conditions. You will be required to successfully complete one of

the four driving manoeuvres, possibly also be asked to complete an emergency stop exercise and will also be asked to carry out between

6-10 minutes of independant driving. This may mean following signs, directional diagrams or a combination of the two.

So, you want to know how many lessons you will need?

It is difficult to gauge initially how many lessons you may need. The driving tests now are more demanding than ever and a high

degree of skill is needed to pass the tests. If you were to ask many of the larger driving institutions and national driving schools then

a recommended amount would be approximately 30-40 hours tuition for a 17 yr old pupil. Some people learn much more quickly and

some people take more time and lessons to reach an acceptable standard. After a few lessons your instructor should be able to give

you a fair indication.